FL:RP - Its Back (Roleplaying)

Fearless Roleplaying. Nice admins, friendly players and great Jobs and Cars.
Donator is avaliable to buy and with a new Name system where you can have your real name or a made up one like James Bond :P.
IP -

CityRp is the gamemode. Cars are avaliable to sell and buy - Cheapest car is a trabant which is 25k. On average you earn 150 - 300 depending on you job. Donators get double money and have the ability to spawn props. If you join and do not have donator i suggest that you team up with someone who is a donator and make them do all the Building.

The server is Semi-Serious Roleplaying. NLR rule applies and so does Rdming.

Police Vehicles, Fire Trucks and Ambulance’s are available for sale from the mayor. People can steal the cars if you leave them unlocked.

Thats it. Hope some of you guys can join.
Remember - is the future of roleplaying servers.

If you buy a car from $25k - $500k they will stay in your inventroy until you sell the car to a player or just by hitting the sell button in your inventory. Weapons and food are available to buy and they also will stay in your inventory until you use them or die whitout them being holstered.

Are cars permanent?

I’m sorry to say this but this advertisement does not really seem that serious.

For instance, saying “ftw” makes it seem slightly childish.
Please supply everyone with more information + screenshots (if available).

Other than that, looks fairly good.

Good luck!