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I know there are a lot more important matters than the one I am about to ask you but still, if someone could help me out I would be glad :slight_smile:

As you can see I have a French Flag under my name tag, but the thing is that I am writing from Turkey, I am Turkish and even edited (when created account) the location as Turkey.

So why the forum persist to show me as french ? :smiley:

Thank you for wasting your time guys. Cheers!

it’s the location of the ip address you registered from and it can’t be changed

Oh I see know I see know :smiley:
Well It is a shame that we can’t change that though.
Thanks for the quick answer!

It can be changed. Not necessarily legally, but it can be changed.

That’s not what they’re talking about. The flag on your posts is provided by flagdog, the server program that geolocates you, and it doesn’t update your location after registration.