Flag Models?

Anyone know where I can get a flag model for Garry’s Mod? Specifically American flag? I tried using the flag models from Day of Defeat Source, but those are stuck on the Nazi material, even the body group changer doesn’t work.

Or if there’s a way I can switch those flags, I’d like to know.

This along the lines of what you are looking for?

Technically yes, but I don’t own TF2. Thank you anyways for replying.

Hah, wait for this

Then you can skin it to be a flag and be as happy as can be :wink:

TF2 is free, after all. Not sure if you actually need tf2 for that anyway.

Is that coming out soon?

This doesn’t even happen in the beta.

I’ve asked him, he said that all of his addons will break, but he will recode them all and release them on Workshop.

He is also planning wind effects for the flags in the future. Considering this (and his new HUD) are his ‘smallest’ addons, we can expect them to be released first.