What do you think of the ability to import custom sprays that could be placed onto a flag which you could display in front of your base?


I think its an amazing idea. Thank you for sharing

I’m about it.

9/10 people will have a naked caveman as theirs.

Yes,we do need them to show “areas of control” by respective teams,groups etc.
For example my group has control of a mountain near small rad in a server.We need to show people who’s boss :suicide:

Can’t wait to chop’m down!

I think if the devs do consider this idea they should introduce a report feature so there is no racist slag or other offensive flags.

Perhaps once a logo is submitted, the admins of the server are required to approve the image.

Can’t wait for more games with user hentai.

Dunno what that means.

Watch people are gonna have boobs or butts for flags.

Instead of server admins having to go through the hassle of approving all the requested flag logos, why not the player have a default set of logos created by FacePunch to choose from?

That defeats the purpose of having custom flags then.

Not necessarily. They could have it so the users of the community create the flags and are voted and released over time. This way, they don’t have to create each individually and the community can chip in their bit.

How about this: Everyone can submit a photo to be used on flags, and the server admin can either allow all images, or require approval first. Save all images server-side, and then everyone can use them. I’d say perhaps password protect them so others can’t fake your flag. Just some ideas.

Regardless, this game needs some way to designate clans and association. We need flags, or at least colors for flags. Also, allowing some way to designate associations with clothing.

That’s dumb. If people want obscene flags, let them. It should be under the purview of the individual server owners to decide what can and can’t be on their server.

If you don’t like a flag someone has, who cares? Go play on another server. Thousands to choose from.

they should be less bright and probably look something like a pirate flag (torn in some places) and it should be hanging off the wall

or instead of flags there could just be a text written on the wall with chalk or blood

I like this idea.

Gmod sprays all over again.

as long as a pirate flag is automatically put up for hackers/cheaters…

edit: that’s too good for them. How 'bout an “A**hole Lives Here” flag.