Flags and Signs

I was thinking about adding these two into game, you can mark your territory and warnings etc… . You could put them on the wall or in the ground, or flags on pillars.

You’re adding them?

If signs were added then people would probably spam “this guy s a feget -->” Next to houses/bases

There’s the possibility to place signs in Minecraft and most people don’t spam them.

Just make it a ‘1 item = 1 slot’ kind of thing and I’m pretty sure people won’t bother to carry them around.

Dude you didn’t know about the new client side add features…

Well sorry about me writing “adding” then. I didnt know it hurts your eyes so much…

Why is this tagged as politics?

This would be a cool addition, in my opinion. It would help also to identify people’s properties, and that if people get too close they will be killed.

could be used for territory control “KEEP OUT!”

Politics is the right word.

I feel like making flags would be awesome, and making warning signs if you wanted to also so no fresh spawns can complain how they didnt get a warning or w/e to run

Or you know, write “I am friendly” but kill everybody who gets close anyway.

lol, anyone who’s played rust knows someone saying “im friendly” is just trying to get close enough to shoot you.

heh…the game is full of sociopath’s, that’s for sure.

Becouse i would put flag on my house and declare my own state

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Thats how multi-functional this idea is.

I don’t know why people like me always put politics down when we suggest stuff. We just kind of do.