Flags of Our Mother




Nicely done.

Hahaha, brilliant.

Which just goes to show…
Trust a Russian.

Fucking awesome. Great work. Other positive things.

Nice background. Fits almost perfectly with the screenshot.

You deserve a GLaDOS clap for this.

The picture looks…durty. These stones on the foreground are so lowpoly
And yeah, I laughed at the title. Even a crazy commies from the 60th didn’t call their country so, I guess.

it’s just a parody, don’t get it serious :l

Brilliant picture. I freakin’ love it.

((Is that SURPAT I’m seeing on those Russians?))

And another Russian Blood Regime will be built in USA.



Russia greattst countrey. Remove Cola from the premises. FOR ZAKHAEV.

Nice work, really love it! :smiley:

Can i have a link of those models please! :slight_smile:

They are in the RELEASE section… “Battlefield 3 Style Russian Soldiers”…