Flags on Flagpole Requests

Hi, I was hoping someone could create some models for me. I am looking for two sets of models of flags; one set that is on Flag poles flying and the other set just the flag by itself as if it where flying.

Flag poles should be around normal heights…around 15 ft tall.

Sorry cannot pay for these (I almost ALWAYS pay when I come here requesting stuff), but if I get your steam info I do have projects in the future that I may need some stuff created and wont mind paying, its just Im tight on money right now.

*For the flags, I would prefer they wave around by the wind, but if thats asking for too much then just stick with a solid figure.

Flags I want for this request:

United States Marine Corps flag:


United States of America Flag:


Here’s an old model I made back when I only just started learning 3ds max.
It’s not the best, but I hope you will find it useful. (Download it here)

(Oh and it’s easy to reskin, I even included a file with layers for if you plan on reskinning)

Thanks a bunch! Can you point me to a link that can get me started on learning how to “reskin” and change the flag Im assuming? Sorry for asking, I just dont know exactly what to search for in the Valve Developer Community other than “skinning” unless thats all I need lol.

It’s actually pretty easy, I do it like this:
*Get Paint.net and get a vtf plugin for it
*Open vtf
*Find out which part of the texture map belongs to which part of the model

But I included a .pdn for you aswell, so you won’t need the vtf plugin.

Oh durr, its like making a actual texture lol. Didnt know that was the same way (or way) to re-texture a model like yours. Alright I think Im good to go now. Thanks a lot.

No problem :slight_smile: