Flak cannon <WIP>

Started playing UT99 again last week , and remembered how I always liked the look of the Flak cannon.
2003 / 2004 kept it , but UT3 ruined it.
I decided to remake it.

** Flak Cannon **



** Flak Round **
(I used to think it was just a cylinder ,after looking in the game’s files my dreams were shattered
as it was actually a bullet-like round)


And it’s ejected counterpart-


** Flak “Pak” **
Aka. Ammo box


I’ve tried to keep it as original as possible.
If someone can create a texture / rendermap , I would be very happy indeed.

I wasn’t sure what to expect when clicking on the thread, but the Flak Cannon from Unreal is an awesome idea.

i would help with the textures but ut2004 crashed on my computer and i can’t play it or finish my assault map

… sorry?

I don’t see the connection between creating an entirely new texture and finishing an assault map…

What modeling program are you using

XSI Mod tool. Sucks at rendering ( Rendering EASILY ).
Why do you ask?

Just wondering.

Quick update : Starting to parent the weapon to nulls. Hopefully they’ll let me make a viewmodel.

Cool, liking how its turning out :smiley: I’ve ported both the UT2004 and UT3 versions (I’ve always liked the Ut2004 version myself ^^), so if you want references, that should be easy enough for me to do for you :slight_smile:

I’m asking if VortexNL can do the skins for me. He appears to be having some computah trouble

i can animate first person if needed.

looks good though. just as i remember it.

Foda , if I can’t get XSI to export any of it , or even work properly , can you do it?


OK , that isn’t working. Could you please do the animation?
( I’ll send you a PM with a link to the model file , and you probably know what the animations where. Only difference is it has an ammo clip , so some improvisation is needed)


I think I went over-kill on non-ingame detail


Changes : Added supports on operating end of the device.
Added Pneumatic cylinders - How else does that loader work?
Moved the handle to where it should be - Even though it looks wrong , It’s one of the few things that are the same
Made the bottom of the weapon stick out more , in game it looks much like the unreal Flak cannon ,which looks fugly , so I moved it , but not too much.

You must have not gotten fragged by the flak cannon very often. The dome on the front of the flak shell also has a smiley face on it that you can sometimes see when it’s coming right at you.

A picture is worth a thousand words

Wouldnt it be easy to just rip the texture? I have Ut and Ut2004, so if you want one of those textures, ask :slight_smile:

… wouldn’t it be better to rip the textures from, you know, the game with the nicer graphics? ie. UT3?

UT3 doesn’t have that flak cannon…


Also found these,



I’m hopefully getting VortexNL to redo them.
What’s the point in using the same textures when we can make better ones?

Also I’m going to add detail, but not overkill like I did last time

No wonder I got bored of that game so quickly.


Update -
Added canon detail - things that where originally there
Also notice I added space for - you guessed it - the Ammo indicator