Flame Broiled

So I’ve had a good pose concept for a while now, here’s my best crack at it. A pose with Alma, boiling a SWAT member from the inside. Photoshoped to make it look like his equipment is vaporizing, and the fibers in his suit are coming undone. Took a good 5-6 hours work.


P.S. NO PHOTOSHOP FILTERS WERE APPLIED! The bloom and blur effects were strictly garrysmod Post-Processing

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Amazing Kamerad!
Wish I could edit like you!
Rated Wood

Kill it with fire! It’s cool. Take an artistic!

he said there was no edit just gmod filters and color mods

He said he used photoshop but no filters just the suit

Yeah, just the disintegration is photoshoped. That took up 3 of my 6 hours. :v:

But when Alma does that, she does it gorier.

Holy shit. That looks sexy… in a crazy, gory, mind-fucking kinda way. :smiley:

I believe, if she hated you enough…she could vaporize you to where your blood evaporates quickly and there’s no blood except for the blood-spots on your bones!

OMg i wont be able to sleep at night now awesome job!

Love it man, Artistic x1 for you mate! Keep it up!

it looks cool
and wierd

This is my biggest hit in a while :smiley:

This is awsome!