Flame emitter on gmod ragdoll

ive seen a few ragdolls that have a fire emitter already applied to them at all times, examples would be Charizard’s flaming tail by Belze, or Sweet Tooth’s flaming head by SuperSmashBrosGmod, but the issue i’m having is i want to apply it to Nick The Demon’s model (from rampage total destruction) but because of his size the flame is really small if i just take the 1 from charizard or sweet tooth’s qc files, anyone have any ideas how to fit it on a ragdoll the size of the biggest George, Lizzie or Ralph ragdolls

I’m not sure what those specific models used but you can attach particles to models which can be made fairly easily if you reference some of the default particles from HL2 and such. The only two problems this has is that it shows up in your first person view depending on the location if it’s your playermodel and I haven’t found a way to get them to rotate properly with the model assuming you can.

Alternatively, I’ve seen lower quality models that often just use 2d animated texture planes.