Flame SMG skin V2

hello all, this is my second version of my Flame SMG. it now has glows, and is no longer entirely Ctrl+C’d.
im not going to post pictures here, go and have a look yourself.

Hope you enjoy it.
if not, please spam me your sensless angry shit.

if for some reason you WANT the first version, without glows, and incredibly Ctrl+C’d
then there you go.

have a nice day.

Senseless angry shit?

Its called criticism.

Bad choice as a model, but a good learning experience

It looks horrible.


Are you 10? It looks like you just used a Brush set


It looks like the spray on tatoos kids get

You actually had to edit that twice?

It happens when you try to post in a period of time close to when you last posted in the thread

Looks like it has some flame stickers stuck on it ^^ Was that the intended effect?

Also a definate improvement from the first version.

Honestly, this isn’t as bad as everyone is making it out to be. I mean, it’s done fairly well, and it even has a luminance map, so it’s far from n00bish. I think the main criticism is that the idea (putting flame decals on a gun) is a classic sign of a n00b, to the point that it’s hard to get past the concept and look at the implementation.

This is definitely better than the original. My only real complaints are 1) very common, overdone idea and 2) the flames seem to be rather boring gradients. Since I’m in a nice mood, I’ll advise you on how to avoid both problems in the future:

An overdone idea is really a crippling flaw. If it’s very common, not only has someone else done it better than you, but the novelty of “look at this unique thing I have” has worn off. Nobody wants a flame-painted gun when everybody and their cat has one of their own. Really, the only way to avoid this is to check to see if anyone else has already done something similar. Other things that are way overdone are: gold or silvered guns, especially DEagles; metropolice with armbands; recolored Combine, citizens or companion cubes; and HEV hand recolors. Even if they’re done well, they’ll be criticized simply for being those things, and I advise you, and others, to avoid those in the future, should you wish to continue skinning.

For the second, the best solution in this case would be to make the flame layer (I’m assuming you’re using a layer-based editor like Photoshop or the GIMP) slightly transparent, probably using a screen or color layer, not a blend layer. This would let the scratches and such from the base layer remain, but colored to match.

If you want to improve listen to our criticism and don’t listen to the ratings

wow. some really good shit here.
to tell the truth its not that overdone, at least not in GMOD. theres like ONE flame Physgun skin out there and it doesnt even have a picture, lol.
my reply to these:
1- most Gmodders out there ARE n00bish. so i would get their downloads if this is in fact n00bish.
2- the transparency idea is a really good idea, but i didn’t really want to put those in because i mostly made this skin for personal use.

As for the Decals, i beleive that the decals themselves are very nice.
the gradient part of it was to keep with the original color scheme of my Flame Skins. as you see, most others are Ctrl+C’d and with simple gradients.

3- These trolls are doing quite a good job. im proud of you all :3


i know this. lol

1 - Pandering to morons may make money, or at least downloads, but it won’t earn you respect. While I could dispute your remark on the average intelligence of the GMod player, I won’t waste my time.

2 - Well, at least you know for future reference.

3 - Ehem. “Fuck your mother.” Is that trollish enough for you?</sarcasm>

1- even the biggest troll can help you.

2- yes, yes i do

3- NO U

need some screenshots of that stuff

I have no idea what you’re on about.

Indeed, clicking the garrysmod links would be way too bothersome for your highness.