Flames of War



Great colors and lighting, but you could’ve done better wth that fire effect.

The atmosphere is awesome.

That’s some strong aliasing.

How do you do that effect with the blood? Like, give it a white glimmer on the edges.

That’s the blood props shaders making that effect.

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That’s the downside of using a Z-Pass for editing

What size poster are you using? Z-Pass or none, editing at higher resolutions and then down sampling will just about always deal with aliasing.

I used Poster 2, then did what you described, maybe I didn’t use the correct presets for downsampling.

thats a very nice blood object but where can i get it

you can port it over to sfm yourself i reckon


you’ll probably want to make your glow effects not so, eh, focused in the future

i can clearly see the edges of the bloom from the fire and that’s bad

the jaggies really hurt