Flamethrower may be a little much

I got lucky and found a flamethrower blueprint the other day, crafted one, and went on a vandalism spree. I torched everything I could find made of wood, successfully raided five houses with wood doors or walls in the space of two hours, and would have raided a lot more if I had the time. All for the low, low price of a couple hundred low grade fuel.

The weapon is big fun and looks great, but it will become the latest scourge of the newbie unless adjusted. Next month is probably the new experience system, so it won’t seem so bad, but the following month there should be a server wipe and people who know how to make the flamethrower will have a reign of terror like none other. The weapon is cheap, and within an hour of the wipe there will be people running around with them, capable of torching every house in the game. Nobody will be safe.

It’s a great raiding tool because it removes all the tedium of hacking through a wood door or wall. Just apply a little flame to the front door, then go do something else for a few minutes…like burn down a different house. It will be unstoppable.

It’s not too hard to get at least a stone base with a sheet metal door before you log out. If you log out with a wood door or base then you are at fault.

Who is saying anything about logging out?

It goes through metal doors just the same with a bit more wait time