Flaming car goes BOOM!


car flaming goes moob. awesome

pass that shit
how come people call out guys like chesty and vman when this shit is around

In-game explosion? It’s okay. Lighting is nice. Pretty boring picture though and the camera angle is much wider than it needs to be.

Thanks, bro?

Yeah, boring picture. Just wanted to test something with the regular HL2 fire.

“Oh shit!”

guten tag

Pretty awesome for an in-game explosion.

Reminded me of that.

This looks awesome, you’ve always been a big inspiration pM!

Original > http://uppix.net/2/7/4/53c33346e0ee77c8d415ad96b8619.jpg

I fucking lold.

The picture is pretty good.
Looks realistic.

popularity < picture quality.


Awesome pic, I always wonder how you get the picture so decent looking.

Is that a ingame explosion or edited?

What do you mean by “popularity < picture quality”?

So, yeah, it’s just a standard fire edited in PS blabla. Check my last post.

Sorry, I just went to reply.

What I mean, is that most people will recognize a person, and overtime generalize that they will throw comments towards said user.

However, even if the picture is of great quality, it could receive a fair low amount of posts.

Thus, popularity usually beats picture quality.

Oh, yes. It’s probably because facepunchers are only sensible to hyped PS skills and nothing else. Many of us comment by “boring picture” or whatever. That, is boring.

you put

"popularity < picture quality


that’s why he asked


Pretty good I must say.
needs more car shrapnel though.

Tell me bout it…