Flaming Spade Films Machinima

Welcome to the Flaming Spade Machinima Group thread!

Flaming Spade Films is a new machinima group that already has many plans, ideas, and videos created or WIP. Currently, we are working on A Rush Of Breen, a music video where Breen sings the song A Rush of Blood to the head and shows the tough, cruel, and violent life in City 17.

I’ll pass judgement when I see videos.


Our intro

Good luck on your films :slight_smile:


Hopefully I’ll get my headset repaired soon and I can actually be some help.
But good idea for a new thread Mark, should lower all the clutter on the TornadoChase one. And good luck to all of our people!

Whoa, mindfuck.

I’m listening to A rush of Blood to the Head right now


hey, I got permabaned for making a simple, yet dumb tread (my first one ever). So this is my new account.

Sooo… how is the faceposer coming along?

Well. I’ve finally got Spanish off my back.


are we going to use whitehawks server to film it when you finish the face posing?

I was planning on it.

Dose anyone have a vent or teamspeak host that we can use? It would be better sound quality and we wouldn’t have to see the speaking bar on the screen. Even though our first video will just be the sound of the song, it would be useful for future videos.

I also think we should have fun while we film and not to be serious about it. we need to have fun with it and the outcome will be more entertaining. It would also be something to look foreword to, rather then dreading it. I cant wait to film and looking foreword to it

I would have to agree with the TeamSpeak/Vent thing. But I don’t got one. Another thing we could do is have everyone download a good VC, then have 'em emailed.

Well, I would say we be pretty serious during the filming itself, and careful not to screw up props or decals (blood and that stuff) in some way. After that, heck yah, just go wild.


I agree, recording Voice Clips is way better quality then recording off a vent.

And we may need to get a private file sharing website account so each of us can get each other’s clips easier.

I see that the trailer used a lot of twitch and that fire preset from VCP amirite?


  1. My headset is still screwed. So I can’t do anything, and my speakers are crap. (Messed the jacks up so I could use my mic)
  2. Might be getting a Mac Book in the near future so I should have better recordings/more space for them, emphisis on ‘might’.

yeeee… I love twitch

we can be serious but still have fun while doing it. Not necessarily fucking around, but make it entertaining to film and something to look foreword to. :smiley:

audacity Is a great voice recording program and editor. plus its free. But if we are live, in game we should use a vent server
My friend has a vent server, about 20 kids from our school use it. but i think it might be kinda rude to ask him, but we can make a private room thing

I might as well chime in here, considering I am one of the producers. Wazzzzuuuppp?

producer? sounds kinda weird for a machinima :D. plus there is really only 5 of us that are currently involved. not that tornado list