Flammable Liquids

It’d be so sweet if there was a particle system liquid that was flammable, like gasoline!
And when it catches it spreads quickly across the area covered with the fuel.

You see… The Source Engine just isn’t that advanced. It can’t pull off particles and small stuff like that.

You can do it.

It’s just hard and, depending on how you do it, has to be made inside the map.

Can be done via lua as well, just requires some insane work.

Fortress Forever has this, as well as the “Fortress Forever Weapons for Gmod” addon(Probably not the name). The flamethrower make a spray substance that can be lit on fire and stays on fire for a while, which I know works on walls and the ground, not sure what else.

Well… You CAN, but it wouldn’t be REAL liquid, ex., water pouring from a pipe can’t fill anything up.

i heard something about that hl 2 ep 3 will run on another engine than source, maybe that will do the trick

Ep3 would just run on an upgraded version of source.

I don’t know about the damage system (but seeing how other particle systems like the pyro’s gun can hurt you I am sure it is possible) but I think it might be possible if you got it scripted so when shot a new particle maker is placed emitting fire. It wouldn’t be good in ALL scenarios though.

In half life 2 during the ravenholm scenes there are gas leaks you can catch on fire, but it is clever scripting. Possibly if you can move the fire around and gas you can do that. Also, there was a flamethrower a long time ago that you could spray gasoline on the ground and catch on fire.

A basic version might be possible, I am just not sure about a real particle simulator kind of fire.


Actually what you want could be done with the flame thrower. Just set the gas to be set where you spray or a particle hits and start a fire.

Eternal Silence has this for one of the classes, it sprays a liquid and if you puff a bit of fire at it the liquid lights up in flames.

A swep can spawn models and create particles if you interested check out wiki.garrysmod.com .
So if you were to check for that location within a radius when you fire the swep and combine smaller resized models/props into bigger ones at their center you could check for damage maybe friction with collisons for the gasoline prop, ignite it and create some particle fire spitters. That would look close to what you want… only require a couple props and could be deducted from the players max prop count.

There is an Stool in garrysmod.org that makes a fire spead through
the next prop. I use it for burning wooden houses.

You play too much Far Cry 2… Well, except for the gasoline part at least

And unless I’m mistaken particles only collide with the world.

I liked Postal 2’s gas can ^^

Same here.


Unfortunately I don’t think you can’t have direct stuff like that affecting effects. You can, HOWEVER, have a small prop, like a watermelon or soda can, make the model invisible, parent a sprite to it and ignite it. I think that’s what people use

The WaterMod could be modified so that the “water” is super-flammable…

There’s a flamethrower that right click sprays petrol and left click ignites it