(Soldier Shooting at offscreen enemy)
not the tank.

C&C Would be appriciated

Work on your muzzleflash again.

wait I don’t get it

is he shooting at the tank

or is the viewer supposed to imagine shooting it

I think it would of been foony if he focused on the flammable tank instead of the soldier.

He’s shooting at an offscreen enemy

Show more enemy.

lol it’s a good pose but I’m left wondering why there’s so much emphasis on the flammable tank

Hello? The Title…

that’s what I mean, why is the title and the more noticable part of the picture dedicated to a flammable tank that has nothing to do with anything

Well first the title was flammable, but I decided it had nothing to do with the picture.
So i tried to change it, but it wouldn’t change. :confused:

Muzzleflash looks like a smoke starfish. work on that a bit.
You have to get an admin to change the title.

It’s a nice image, and the posing looks good. The only issue that nags me a bit is the sudden change from dark to light on the right side. I think the scene could benefit from keeping the light/dark change for the background and foreground.

The flash is a little too yellow. Nice camera angle and depth-of-field though.