FlapMin (Round two)

I started working on my old project again, but since my FP account got perma’d, I decided to make a new thread.

I completely re-coded it, as I’ve learned alot since I first started making it.

Anyway, enough talk, moar screenies.

Lagged here when closing the console (wait 300;jpeg), so it caught the server browser open xD

More coming later…

On a side note, If I ever get banned again and you wish to keep up with the project, follow it on winservars.com

To do list:

Code more plugins (Obviously)
Set up functionality for SteamIDs
Work more on the derma (Positioning, etc etc)

Inb4: Sorry for breaking the page size. It had to be done.

The purple doesn’t suit imo

I see you haven’t learned much about vgui layout. The menu needs work. Or, better yet, you could make an original design. Most if not all of the latest admin mods use tabs in some way. It’s getting boring.

And also, in my opinion, FlapMin is a terrible name. I would much rather use something called ULX or even ASSmod before FlapMin.

And you should use this (http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=744197) until the derma gets better. :smiley:

I did mention I’m planning on changing it. I just need to think of a colour that suits it better

I’m also planning on changing the layout to some extent. This is just 6 hours work, so alot of it is messy or just a placeholder, and also I haven’t used some functions which I will do. For example, I haven’t scaled the columns at all yet, but that is to come as well.

The purple colour isn’t good, but what colour would be better I’m not sure. Also, can you only kick and ban with this? If you can do more, you should show how in the screenshot. If not, you’re going to need a place for all the stupid buttons you’re going to need.

Unless you absolutely have to, you should leave it default so that people’s custom derma skins affect the panel ( for better or worse ).

I found a vague DListView control that allows you to run code on line click, without ruining the highlighting effect. I’ve written 9 default plugins which will be added by default. It isn’t that hard to write your own (Although it is probably harder than most admin mods… I’ll work on it)

I’ll reset the colour to the default, take some screenies and post them. Tell me what you think I should do to add to the vgui, because quite honestly I am out of ideas.

Inb4 - I am going to change the layout of the buttons (So ban and stuff are at the bottom, other stuff at the top, once I have filled the space)I’ll probably increase the size of the frame too.

Updated first post with new screenies

Get rid of the DListView controls, they look ugly. Replace them with a DComboBox for the player list, assorted labels on a panel for the trait list and some sort of categorised list or DMenu for the plugin list. (By categorised, I mean seperated into categories such as Punish, Useful, Misc etc).

You should use image buttons to represent common actions, such as kick and ban. Or at least have an image on the button as well as the text. Space out the buttons some more.

The main controls inside the tab are spaced way too far from the edge. You only need to space them 5 or so pixels from the edges.

Some of your spacing is off by 3 or 4 pixels on the outside and inside of some boxes… also maybe put some spacing in the buttons… if you want an easy work around put everything inside an invisible DPanelList with horizontal enabled and Padding set to 5 or so…

And there is wayyyy to much space between your Tabs and your lists…

that’s just my opinion, no offence intended.

its interesting to see the screenshots of this after you talked about it on steam :stuck_out_tongue:

(this is genesis btw)

I’d be nice if you wrote something about it in the post so you don’t have to look at the screenshots to figure it out.

Off-topic: If you ever made an aimbot, FapHack would be the perfect name.

Yo need simplicity! :smiley:

Naw, lookin’ good.

I’ll probably try to find some suitable images and convert them at some point. Also, I’ll probably catagorise it and see how it looks in a bit.

The new screenies are the demonstation of the search feature, with 63 bots.

Today I finally got around to working on it some more; I made a nice modular way of adding server options, set up a little datastream hook to get information on all the admins.

Still left on the todo list:

Neaten up the sheet 1 gui,

Perfect the admin check function to allow for different usergroups to use different commands,

Add more functionality to the server management tab (Promote / More plugins),

More player management plugins,

Tidy up some of the debug statements (Like the ‘Owner’ in the above screenie)

Possibly sort the admin list by usergroup

Find a way around sv_cheats being a blocked command:

game.ConsoleCommand blocked!
RunConsoleCommand: Command is blocked! (sv_cheats)

What’s up with the net graph?

I suggest you take your UI back to the drawing board, especially the player tab.

I’ll reposition everything on the first tab and see how it looks. I’d rather not have to redesign the entire thing; it’s at least 450 lines :confused:

The second tab just needs the extra space below the player list filled, and it should be alright.

No offense, but your UI wasn’t too grand on NewAdmin.

Fuck UI, functionality is key.

My admin mod is one list of commands, each button pops up a player list… simple? Yes, ugly? no, but too basic really, but it does its job? yes.