Flappy and Bob's RP-PVP Friendly Towns with Trade and Free Teamspeak

Flappy and Bob’s RP-PVP|Merchants/Abandoned Compounds/FriendlyTowns/Faction Wars/DoorSharing/Teamspeak

So our server is based on a few basic rules that we believe to make the game fun for everyone.

Now while we all hate being killed endlessly by people seemingly more established by us in most survival games;most of us opt to look for PVE or non PVP servers. Unfortunately the lack of PVP is really what makes the game thrilling to play. The aspect of both exist in our server. We aim to make it an RP server with players who can control the urge to blast everything in sight.

PVP will exist and is enabled, however we have a NO SHOOT ON SIGHT rule (simply do not shoot or kill another player for no reason) This is HIGHLY discouraged and will eventually get you banned.
Raiding and firefights however will happen but we hope it will happen between factions of players who band together.

There currently exist two trading posts as well as one market where you can purchase anything from blueprints to metal for crafting.

Thanks for taking time to checkout our new Rust RP Server!
If you wish to communicate with everyone across the server and easily locate other players we urge you to join our Teamspeak Server
This is our communities public teamspeak server

Teamspeak Server:

JOIN US: Type in your console “net.connect” <-------------RUST SERVER IP

All locations can be referenced here

|||||||www.rustmap.net |||||||||||

Current Compounds:
Haven - Main Admin Created Friendly to all players, rests in the NEXT Valley
Deth - Inside of RESOURCE Hole Currently has been vacant for years and awaits anyone who can get to it, but beware the zombies!
Rise - In between HACKER Valley SOUTH and WASTELAND South, An open compound with no walls, there was one or two people residing here last checked
Iris - Nestled against the mountain PORTUGAL, once occupied by a group of mercenaries it lays vacant for anyone to claim.

If you create a new compound please contact an admin so that it may be added to the list. :slight_smile:

Mods: RUST++

RacerLynx(bobevans) and Flappydoo -Owners

This server is very nice and the admins are well mannered. They support new players to have a perfect gaming experience and always tend to adhere to helping with technical issues for the best gameplay for those on the server.

Currently our server host is working on their servers briefly so our server should be back up shortly, sorry for the inconvenience

Servers are back up.
Now with Oxide Mods!
Feedback on Vanilla VS Modded Welcome.

currently working on building more compounds for players to take over

just updated the server with rust++, it now has door sharing and other commands that can be accessed by typing “/help” into chat.

is this server down? tried to connect but it failed :frowning: