Flare Shell

Is that a knife stabbed in his wrist?

I really like this pic.

Only things to nitpick at are the grainy shadows and the embers on the bottom of the screen that don’t seem to be coming from anything.

Nice work. I also like the rim lighting you made on this.

Oh wait that’s just a really thick collar

Why is the flare a pink/purple color? It’s okay imo, but you’re getting better.

Is the guy on the left reaching for the grenade, or turning away from the bright light or something?

But like said, sweet rimlighting

This is incredibly awesome, but the rim lights on guns would look much better if they will become more soft. It’s looks like a completely straight white lines for now.

what are you talking about

are you saying you want the lights reflecting onto the guns to be cartoony blurred pile of ass like how you usually do it or what