FlareGun that shoots with lighting Flares

Hey FP im making a movie and i need a flaregun that shoot up a flare witchs lights up an area like 15% of flatgrass or so anyone op for the challange ive seen the Flareguns witch makes Zombies Go “BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH” but i dont need zombies on fire in my movie so if anyone got time to make it, it would be sweet

I can already smell the shitty-ness of your movie.

even 15% of flatgrass is huge. There’s also multiple flare guns on garrysmod.org

Well how can you do that when you dont even know my idea to the movie ?

Well 1. Your explanation “BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH” 2. You can’t search 3.You can’t use apostrophes or capitalize I 4. You didn’t use the proper which 5.You can’t spell challenge or up 6. You capitalize random words at times

well 1. is a Zombie Screaming BaaaaaaaH if you didnt know you havent play Hl2 enough 2 yes i can but all the flareguns i find is a sweps i want a flaregun “which” Light up an area if you gave your self time to read the post 3 im Not good at english so i dont know what that means 4 dont care 5 dont care 6 so what im not perfect you got me PEW your dead okay

if i may ask WHAT YOU PROBLEM ? we are not all perfect im not even from England or USA so what im trying to learn english and im doing my best so Stop Flaming me Just becouse you dont understand what im meaning and you dont even give you self time to read my post Please dont post anymore replys okay!

No, you’re too lazy to type correctly.

  1. Then say the zombie screams if it’s set on fire 2. So you want the flare from the flare guns. They are in the game by default just need to find some one to code it so you can spawn it oh wait 3. A apostrophe is this ’ it’s used when you combine words like that is so it would be that’s or do not don’t. You also capitalize the word I every time you use it 4. Most of us care since it can change a sentence a lot just by using the wrong word 5. A translator can spell words properly so you can use that instead until you can spell English words properly or you could get a spell checker