Flares (issues & bugs)

equal light to a torch while carried
light up buildings/enclosed areas wonderfully
can be thrown

last only for like 2 mins on ground

*Light from held flare is only visible to holder
While held flare will burn indefinitely, tested 3 times over 20 mins each and one 3 hour session.
After lighting the flare then placing it from one action slot to another Voids Consumption of Flare, additionally it locks out the slot the flare was lit in.
After lighting the flare then removing it from quickslot and placing it in an inventory slot Voids Consumption of Flare.

Additional: After the last patch on Jan 24th, graphically the “Lit Sparks” from the flare originate about halfway down the flare.

I hope that my notes help Garry and his Team work out the kinks in this item.

*Light from held flare is only visible to holder

That one’s a pretty big deal. You can run around at night harvesting without being visible to anyone.

well what i mean, drop them while lit just look at the ground and throw it.

I see people with lit flares fine.
It does burn indefinitely.
Dunno, I think I remember doing this before.

A bug I found would be when you throw a flare, and it stops and hits the ground, the light goes out, and you can only see the flare’s tiny white light dot, but it’s still burning.

the issues I put above have to do with testing i did with a friend on my server. So overall flares need a lot of functional troubleshooting.

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also, hold up a flare to the moon on a foggy night. it’s a crazy visual effect.

New updates for the Devs as this is now an active problem being solved.