Flash based Snes emulator in Derma?

A bit disappointed this didn’t work out. The other flash games seemed to work with Garrysmod.

I worked to get the Swf loaded, but I couldn’t get the game to play beyond this.

I’m thinking Garry’s Derma browser is basic and wouldn’t use some things required for this flash emulator.

What? Derma doesnt have nothing to do with this, its an awesomium problem, nothing that you cam do,

Oh I wasn’t sure about the problem.
I guess there may not be a way around this though.

Would have been awesome to have a playable Snes.

GMod uses the same flash plugin that firefox uses. Do you have flash for firefox installed?

Yes. I’ve already installed the firefox version separately, that’s not the problem though.

.Swf files will run fine, but it seems that my .Swf emulator doesn’t like working with Derma.

I’m using a Snes emulator built in Adobe flash called NesBox and it seems to work in a normal web browser but not in my Derma browser.

What do you mean it doesn’t work? Like inputs not being detected?

Right. After the loading screen “Click here” doesn’t do anything.

It does detect input though. Previously I had to click a link inside the .Swf to the adobe website.

There’s no solution, it’s a wrapper problem, you’re embedding it incorrectly or it just doesn’t work, we don’t know how that emulator works, but i don’t think we can give you a real solution

Hasn’t anyone made an emulator in Lua? ;D

or ActionScript -> Lua compiler :o

Maybe the it can’t find the game? Flash works fine in awesomium.

It loads the game perfectly in a normal browser.

The Flash emulator is working on garrysmod, only that it won’t
continue past “click here”. No idea why.

I would love to have this, but imo I don’t think it will work in garrysmod.

How does it load the game? Can you give a link to where this flash project is?

  • snip -

The project i’m using is called Nesbox, from this git.