Flashbacks Adventures: Hail deutschland!


You wake up in a shed or some shit, you hold a officers luger and you are dressed in a weird uniform, it looks like a nazi uniform, But anyways. What should you do?

You have WAY too much ammo

You could take down the entire German army with that pistol.

Sorry, it spawns with that much dude.

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Well, i might as well make things interesting and go outside the shed.

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You exit the shed and find three dead bodys, but this dead bodys are dead combine-soldiers, you wonder what there doing here… but something in the left captures your attention, a Zombine! It’s lingering in those ruins, what do you do now?

toggle noclip and get outta dere boy.

press f10

Run, Runaway! you have no idea whats going on, its a good idea to leg it.

Actually pose, instead of doing a first-person screencap adventure.


You sneak past the zombine and find a damaged tiger tank and two mp40’s, take them or just run for it?

I am posing, I am just doing a FPS-style adventure, Stay tuned bro.

It’s just screencaps.

I did an FPS adventure before, and I posed everything. From the enemies, to the scenebuilds, to the character.

It’s quite fun, too.
You, however, are just posting yourself walking around a DoD map with a DoD weapon and some enemies and props scattered about.

Steps to success:
Pose your characters, make them as realistic as you can.
Set up the HUD yourself
No screenshotting the player’s view with a HUD.

Is this your VERY FIRST day with GMOD? Try holding Q.
Also, try Paint.NET

No, idiot.

And why not? I’ve done this thing before, but replace Paint.net with some old Photoshop application. Shit was hard, but I managed to make it to act 2 before I got banned and quit it.

Oh you’ll go really far with that attitude.

Just do it, lazyass, it’s not hard!

Why is he banned?