Flashing/Blinking black/fullylit textures

So i have a boat, and it’s got tons of awesome moving pieces. The entire thing falls apart literally.

I’ve Got water that dynamically rises depending on the amount of the boat that’s broken,
400+ Working pieces that make the deck fall apart when the masts collapse (the deck breaks depending on where the masts hit, its pretty cool)
Not to mention about 100 other features i’ve still got in progress, and I’m working hard on.

But one problem that struck me right in the face is my physboxes. I have tons of em on the ship and suddenly they decided that they would stay 100% black at one camera angle, and properly lit at another. While at another angle they appear with a red-tint, and another they receive a purple hue.


Then i tilt my camera up a few degrees

Poof properly lit.

Whats up with this? I tried deleting all the lights in my map to no avail. Also remade the pieces in question (but now about every physbox on my map is doing it)

I surrender. No clue what it could be.

Happen to be using model textures?

Interestingly enough, The self-illuminated ones yeah. Control panels.

Friend brought that up too, is that the problem?

Yes. Go into the VMT and change the top to

“LightmappedGeneric” (with quotes)

dunno if you have to take out the $model part as well.

Find the texture in the texture browser window and click “open source” - that opens the .vmt - and do what Beans said.

I really wanna play that map. When you finish it, throw me a PM and let’s get some brain dawgs :v:

Thanks to your fix, it worked 100%

Ends up i was using my own custom model textures for the masts, because the masts eventually needed to float. Works like a charm now!

Cool stuff actually, i’ve been openly alpha testing the map on the “Sammy servers” ZM servers.

I made a v6 Too, which has been on the server for a few months. If you show up on those servers i’m sure you could convince everyone to RTV to one or another.