Flashing Enable? In Gamemode?

So i host this server with the gamemode of underdone. Is there any way for me to enable “flashlight”. Because when players press the f key or whatever it dont work. Im guessing its disabled, so i want to know the file where i enable it.

Search for these functions in the files.



i checked like every file in the gamemode directory man… cant find it :frowning:

Yo m8, those aren’t the file names. Those are the player functions to allow players to use flashlights.

You put that in, lets say [LUA]/gamemode/insert-gamemode-here/shared.lua[/LUA]

and do



ik but i cant find the two codes in that file or do i have to add them myself?

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i looked in this directory gamemodes/(gamemodename)/gamemode/shared.lua