flashing lights

I was just thinking that it would be cool to have flashing lights in g-mod.

people could make epic mini ‘levels’ with horror and susspence (because thats what I LOVE doing on
G-mod :P)

This is such a basic and awsome idea I can’t belive no-ones ever done it before!

Thanks in advance


we really need the :ughh: emote back.

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Use wiremod to make this. Add me on steam if you want to me to explain this… It’s really easy…


I forget which one it is…

We don’t seen any more shitty “K1LL BR33N M@P” saves.

wouldnt the lights cause lag, or is that just lamps.

that would actually be pretty easy to do in wiremod.

press button > wheel with ranger starts to spin > on one full rotation a prop hits the rangers laser > ranger set to a (-1,0,1) arithmetic gate, which is connected to a light > light turns on and off rapidly.

or you could do it the non laggy way with timers and stuff.

I have a non crappy graphics card, I got no lag from this contraption.


I’m not saying it’s laggy or that I would lag. I’m saying that it’s less laggy to do it without moving parts, using a timer/E2. It would also be more scalable and more compact.

If you want that, just map a level with flashing lights in it.

Would you really want to make an entirly new map just to make a flashing light?