Flashing titles.

Hey first post here!

I was wondering how I can go about adding flashing titles, I’ve seen it in a couple of servers and though that’d be awesome to add!

My problem: I know how to add custom titles and what not , but I don’t know where to start to make them flash.
I am willing to pay if someone can explain in to me like i’m a five year old. Thanks in advance.

Flashing Titles in what? Scoreboard, chat…and what type of gamemode…explain more please.

local flashing_color
timer.Create( "flashing", 0.2, 0, function() flashing_color = Color(math.random(1,255), math.random(1,255), math.random(1,255), math.random(1,255) end)

abs a sin wave.

[lua]math.abs( math.sin( CurTime( ) ) )[/lua]

Multiplying CurTime( ) makes the sin wave shorter, ie flashes faster.

Don’t use CurTime, use RealTime.