Flashlight And Flaregun

Someone seen the flashlight in my video and wanted it released so i figured i should, It also includes an editted flare gun weapon, The flares last 25 seconds. The flashlight addon removes the ability to turn on your flashlight with your Flashlight key, so you need to equip the swep to have a flashlight, Good for horror maps and makes fighting in the dark VERY hard to do.

Be sure to remove the flashlight addon if your going to play multiplayer, since you cant use your flashlight bind :s

Well, Have fun.



Solid Files:



This is a good idea, but removing your bind is kinda annoying.

Also, where is this so-called video so we can see this?

Its in one of my insurgency videos, but ill just make a new one for both the flare gun and flashlight, so except one soon.


Videos up

The flashlight model looks kinda bad, but downloading anyway.

Flashlight model could be better
Also, flaregun is from hl2 beta right?

It’s the Doom 3 Flashlight! :smiley:
Also very original idea but I don’t like to unbind my default flashlight.
The flaregun looks cool too, it’s like the HL2 Beta model but retextured.

What’s the point of a flaregun if you can’t burn zombies with it ?

Love it.

I get the flare gun, not so sure about the flashlight.

But people make some weird game modes, so i could see them wanting to incorporate that :smiley:

Nice work! :smiley:

http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=16212 What is that?


But this looks ok.


This thing works in that another flashlight download, i think it works in this too. If you want to use normal flashlight and this, delete cl_init from lua-folder. :3

thats where i got it from, but sadly it didnt work anymore since it spammed you with errors 24/7.

Had to fix it up.

Another great job Wizey!

But I think you should make it so it burns NPCS :v:


Also, is the flaregun projectile a physics prop?
And you should make a CVar command to turn off the flashlight effect of making the normal flashlight bind useless.

My flash is broken anyway so i will dl…
is it ep 2 flare?
Oh and for the guys saying the flaregun has to burn people…
it doesnt always do that in real life…
maybe if it hit and went through your clothes…

Its a game. I give you a :downs: (or a box)

When you install the flashlight, your real one doesn’t work anymore.

Really nice. Also, what’s the music in the video?

If that was directed to me then read on:
Alright dumbass when i said ep 2 i was refering to Halflife 2 episode 2’s flare model…
You are boxworthy…

Hmm, you should increase the size of the light emitted by the flare. Looks a bit small.

You can edit one Lua file to easly change the size and burning time, just take a look at it.