Flashlight Model

We need a new Flashlight weapon. One that you can shoot with.


Left Hand < and Right Hand >

<Flashlight< >Pistol (P228>
Left Hand Right Hand

Doesn’t It sound good? We need a flashlight wep. :slight_smile:

This isn’t the requests forum why are you posting this here.

Or just press f to turn on the flashlight?

The closest one right now.

I have better idea.

No. You’d have to build it into the gun.

Tape :smug:

I’d love to see a penumbra-like flashlight.

Or even the glow stick…

Yes i want a glow stick

With a realism mod I found it assumes Gordon has a flashlight in his HEV coming from his chest.

Well no shit.

Fleshlight model. :smug: