Flashlight probs and strange blood

When I turn on the flashlight it is a third of the size it should be.
Also when I see blood it looks like the outline of a diamond. What is causing this?

Could someone answer me.It crashes as well for fucks sake!


I dont know if this is what you mean but a few updates ago,whenever I killed a barnacle instead of blood I got a fuckload of red crosses coming out of it(not wireframe).

My video card isATI Radeon xpress 200 and my memory is 512 MB DDR2. When it crashes it says something like 0x034848(something I dont know inbetween)0x67x67 cannot run. Must terminate. It only crashes after a certain amount oftime on a server.

Any solutions?

Well… fot the blood as cubes… you rub game in DirectX 7.x

add this to your game shortcut: -dxlevel 81

that should fix it.

What about the crash?

That happened to me too.

That crash :\ I think it’s related to XP threading or so, no one ever gets that in vista or 7 :\ (as far as I know)… Even tough I never got it on my XP

My RAM needs replacing soon, and I have a lot of data on my Hard Drive. Is that causing it?

Unless it interferes with GMOD access and processing or the source contents… NO…

Whatdo you mean?

Your viedo card use to be the one I had… I advise getting a new computer.

It isn’t the video card, I definetley know that. It plays Counter Strike and Half Life2 Deathmatch.