flat shading on model?

So while working on an Aqua commission I ended up with this…

Anyone know why it’s shading like this? I’ve set the mesh’s shading options to “smooth”, but the game is reading it like this. Any ideas?

Post a screenshot of it in blender?


smoothing groups are missing

I don’t think Blender uses smoothing groups though… o_O

I’ll double-check…

It could also be that verts aren’t welded properly. Often times when you import models from Unreal (or most other engines, for that matter), faces seem to have a random assignment of a dozen smoothing groups from 1-20 or so and lots of verts aren’t welded properly. I have no idea how to fix either of these in Blender, sadly.

Well the main problem is that Blender doesn’t use smoothing groups… So the issues you can fix in 3DS Max have to be done in a roundabout way in Blender. >_<

I’m sure it still uses normals which is basically the same thing

It does. I tried fixing the normals in Blender but to no avail. It’s still coming up as really blocky like the above picture in the OP. >:[

I haven’t had this issue with any other models…

Select a vertex, then hit Ctrl-L. Does it select the whole mesh, or just a single triangle?

I tried it and it selects the whole mesh.

EDIT: Hmm… interesting… I found a shit ton of meshes underneath of the same thing… o_O

If this model came from a game, it’s possible other variants of the head (or LoD variants) were thrown in.
Just for the fun of it; some engines also don’t have or make use of rendering on both sides of the face ($nocull in Source) so transparent or double sided faces are usually two different sets smashed together which is awful if you start with welding everything together.

The model I took from XNALara. I dunno why it has that blocky face effect, but when I tried to seperate the mesh into parts I got over 4000 groups which nearly crashed blender.