Flatbed Truck

Figured I would post my finished flatbed truck on here. It was built for the competitions this month.

It can hold over 50,000 weight easily. It also has a full suspension and realistic steering. You can adjust the ride height with the hydros.

I was intending for it to look like a standard flatbed lifted for off-roading.

http://i383.photobucket.com/albums/oo273/zildjian1221/truck/th_hl22009-10-1122-46-22-640.jpg http://i383.photobucket.com/albums/oo273/zildjian1221/truck/th_hl22009-10-1122-46-34-971.jpg
http://i383.photobucket.com/albums/oo273/zildjian1221/truck/th_hl22009-10-1122-46-45-112.jpg http://i383.photobucket.com/albums/oo273/zildjian1221/truck/th_hl22009-10-1122-46-53-973.jpg
http://i383.photobucket.com/albums/oo273/zildjian1221/truck/th_hl22009-10-1122-47-04-694.jpg http://i383.photobucket.com/albums/oo273/zildjian1221/truck/th_hl22009-10-1122-47-22-015.jpg
http://i383.photobucket.com/albums/oo273/zildjian1221/truck/th_hl22009-10-1122-47-53-326.jpg http://i383.photobucket.com/albums/oo273/zildjian1221/truck/th_hl22009-10-1122-47-59-807.jpg

Videos of it’s epic offroading and hauling ability soon to come if I can find a decent place to upload high quality video.

Looks average, but seeing as it is for the comp, how it performs will really tell the tale

I have seen better. Try adding bigger wheels and making everything weigh more.

I dunno, I like it, it’s simple, and from what you say, it performs well… MATERALIZE THAT MIDDLE BLOCK DAMMIT!

LOL Zeos. Put the video of it with your truck to compare. Also, the video with your truck on the bed of mine, and your truck getting fucked underneath the wheels of mine.

Don’t Have that one.

Here is it catching air.

Compared with my truck

I guess mine is just horribly rubish, Zeos, can you pm the password of your server, I Need one or two tips from you with the damn elastic

doesn’t look bad at all. the suspension seems quite complex, but looks cool. has that oversized proportions vibe like zeos stuff.

The suspension looks really weird for a truck like that. It looks like it could stick terminal velocity without taking a dent. The wheels don’t fit the look at all either. I know you were going for an off-roader look, but it’s just an off-road suspension with sort of off-road wheels. You don’t even have mudflaps.

And you could have made effort to make your cargo not look like a couple of props you slapped on when you realized it was missing something, like at least no-colliding them together to remove that painfully loud gap.

You calling my stuff fat?


You are giving me an AWESOME complement!

lol it was a compliment

We are not aloud to clip them into each other for the comp, plus, can you do that IRL?

Also, I hate to build big, but for this competition it was necessary. We have to carry two of those dumpsters, so I built it somewhat to the scale of those massive things.

Edit: The suspension is not that complex at all. The back axles are remote axis’ed to the body way in the front. That way they move up and down in a slight arching motion. It acts almost like a slider. The front is just an independant suspension linked by a solid bar. Allowing them to move freely of each other to a small degree, then anything after that it becomes like a solid axle.

When I record my runs, I will record a bit just showing the suspension.

I didn’t realize that the cargo was the competition’s doing, I thought it was something you added to look like it.

I think it looks great, the suspension is huge though, I know you made it to be for offroading but still. GL in te competition.