Flatout 2 CARS part 2 of 3

Garrysmod.org ----------- http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=81194
Filefront.com ------------- http://download817.filefront.com/rtjnljcn2jhg/14727545/Flatout+2+cars+2of3.zip
Mediafire.com ------------ http://download817.mediafire.com/nyj40kmc8glg/k2nzwzzueym/Flatout+2+cars+2of3.zip

This is the Flatout 2 cars part 2 modelpack.
It’s mostly just the pack 1 but fixes the sizes of everycar and also it’s not so lightweighted as in the 1st pack.
Every car now got a wrecked model of it’s original stock car. Some cars may have some phong errors.
This maybe will be fixed for pack 3 but for now on just enjoy this pack.

Just put all the folders in garrysmod archive.
For example C:\Program\Steam\steamapps\STEAMNAME\Garrysmod\garrysmod

!!!WARNING This file is on 77Mb WARNING!!!
!!!WARNING This file is on 77Mb WARNING!!!
!!!WARNING This file is on 77Mb WARNING!!!

Peace Out!





Awsome shit dude.

I…love you!

I love you even more than Slayer. :love:

we need a flatout car pack now lol

Great models, great ports, great job.

Oh my god. Orgasm

Should take off the wheels on some of the wrecks, other than that, these models are awesome

Jesus fucking christ man.

Nice work.

I also tested the models , and i think the cars are a bit too small.

I love the school bus, very nice for scenes.

If you still think the cars don’t need to be scaled , i think you should look at these.






Some of them might look like they are the right size but , they are not the right size.

Oh my god,I loled

Can you give me the link to that minivan model so I can compare the cars to that one. It seems to be a fair good in height. But I don’t think it will be done very fast since it’s like 30 cars and I have to rip them all over again. Since I can’t just change a .smd.

Umm… Don’t you got the raw files for your cars?

What is raw files?

Flat Out 2 FTW
Do I have to download part 1 too?


And i noticed a texture error on the buses. Theres a spot where the bonnet and the front left panel above the wheel meet which is black and flickering. It happens on all the destroyed buses.

Yeah, I noticed that but I didn’t fix it. Will be fixed for the last pack.