Flatout 2 Cars

Ok, here’s my new project. I’m porting flatout 2 cars and nothing else. They will not be drivable it’s just simple props. Someone can make them drivable after the release just to give me credit for getting the model for you.
Here’s my work so far.



Looks awesome so far, give me the Nucleon car :devil:

I will make that ASAP. Just gimme some time =)

Snippety Snip Snipper.





Oh hell yeah. :c00l: The only thing keeping me from playing Gmod more often is a sad lack of vehicles.

Nucleon is the awesome:razz:

Read it as “Fallout 2 cars” and was extremely confused when I saw the flatmobile.

Great ports otherwise.

It’s not batmobile, it’s flatmobile

Same here. How fucking epic that would be to have some post-apocalyptic junkers.

On topic: was the Batmobile (flatmobile, whatever the fuck it’s called) really in Flatout 2? I apparently haven’t played it recently enough to remember. Good progress, though.

Well if you had played online or entered the GIEVEPIX cheat you would have seen the car. It’s defenitly in the game.

For some reason they seem higher res in Flatout 2 itself.
Maybe it’s just the modeling program, but good work, it’ll be cool.

Great to see more cars in Gmod. I wanted to try to port some cars from burnout paradise but it didn’t work to well.

Wow the Flatmobile.
I love it in round races because I finished it in less than 2 minutes lol

Good work so far,I hope to see them in Garrys Mod.

Had some troubles with that myself

More shit :sweden:




Love the first one.

Can they be made to be fully breakable? Just like the game? That would be too awesome!

I don’t know how to make breakable props but I can port when it’s wrecked. But I don’t know if I wanna do that. I think I’m porting ALL the cars and ALL wreckable cars would just be too much. I can do some specific cars if you want to. But not too many


Some junky cars :buddy:




junky cars FTW