Flechette Launcher SWEP


Another flechette SWEP. Primary fire shoots them shotgun-style, secondary launches the pretty grenade in the screenshot above. On impact, the grenade does some blast damage and launches forty-some flechettes in a spread.



Good job man! :smiley:

Fucking gnarly. Good work, spanky.

Nice looks really cool can’t wait to kill some combine

This looks awesome, I remember you saying you were gonnado something like this in another thread.

Nice job, mahalis


I don’t have the beta though :frowning:

I hope there aren’t going to be loads of 5 minute flechette sweps when the full update released…

This is good and not a 5 second swep :slight_smile:

Shiny golden cookie for you!

Gold Star!

i have the beta installed but it wount show in game list :frowning:

Wow it looks cool
i’m going to dl it :smiley:

Ohshit. This is the beta place! I saw this at garrysmod.org and I though someone scripted it to gmod “non” beta.


It’s cool though.

Well it’s in the gmod BETA section with a big sticky in the main bit.

What do you think?

Make an portal gun for 11 :slight_smile:

Niceness! I’m liking all the flechette weapons, and this one is quite unique. Good work! Starred.

VERY Epic! A must have!

What would be cool is some kind of grenade that when you throw it, 3 seconds later it jumps up and shoots fletchetts all around, kind of like a spike grenade in various games Was there one in halo 3? Never played it

There is one in Resistance:FOM , It’s pretty cool.

the hedgehog grenade, that was AWESOME.

Cool, I was trying to make a flechette shotgun but it… yeah, anyway thanks