Fleeing citizen getting shot


So I was going through Uberslugs compilation thread for the 1531289th time and wanted to recreate the screenshot were the hostage is being sniped down by a terrorist. It was mostly for practice.

Needs blood

“My eyes… popping out HHNNGGH!”

Smoke is a little too overpowering compared to the blood, and maybe a little too white.

Nice lighting as usual.

Original, please. I’m gonna edit it :3

I’m tired.
It’s not very hard to just setup a ragdoll like that. You can do it yourself.

The bullet must have been square :smile:

The PC I’m on right now is so bad that I can’t pose at all.



Jim always was full of hot air.

Oh well, I did this;


Please take a moment to compare the two; http://comparescreenshots.slicx.com/comparison/17657

I’m pretty satisfied with the outcome. Also, is it okay if I post this in the Edit my picture thread?

Combine Sniper: ** “You moved on the Red Light bitch.” **

Blam! That was for YOUR saftey!

Comment my picture :saddowns:

Zeraxify, it would be my job to post it in the edit my screenshot thread since it is my screenshot.
Second, this is also my thread so don’t make your own edit and expect to take over the thread.

But i dont understand why the blood is going upwards, since he cannot have been shot from underground xD?

I was just hoping to get some C&C on my editing, jeez.


And I was referring to my edit.