Fleeing criminal about to be on the recieving end of some vigilante WHOOP-ASS

I’m still getting back into the swing of posing. It’s far from perfect, but I put some effort into it this time around. Most of the effects were done in gmod, but as of right now, I’m having problems with bloom and super DOF, so those, unfortunately, not being used any time soon. That’s the price of using a mac, I suppose.

Anywho, this scene was created in a universe where cops don’t exist, and instead brutal vigilantes keep the streets clean. I hope you ladies and gentlemen enjoy it. Also, see if you can spot a hidden sniper.



He looks sad.

Sigh “If only they knew what I was going through.”

pkoww pkow

Couldn’t he just turn around and spray his entire magazine into those guys?

I’m not sure if the models can be faceposed D:

er, but, I totally would have faceposed him that way if they were. :q:

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Plaid jacket has a bead on him, so he’s fucked either way.

Is that Jeremy Renner in the plaid shirt?

Sonnuvabitch, you stole the thread music for my next pose. Now I’m going to look like a poser.

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Ha ha, see what I did there?

It’s great to see you getting back into posing, I used to admire some of your older work.

As for your current picture, the quality looks poor in the background, mess around with Super DOF more, don’t mix it with normal DOF, or else the output looks strange.

In all, keep on trying! You’ve almost got a grasp on things again.

Val Kilmer actually

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Thanks! And I would have used SuperDOF before as I typically do, but it’s impossibly glitchy to use on my mac.

Reminds me of GTA IV.

I see the sniper [sp]up in the balcony-esque thing in the back that’s been all DOF’d[/sp]. Just for the record.

Anyway, it’s okay.

Tom Selleck actually