Fleeing of the venomous moonlight.


Scenebuild on gm_scenebuild_night


what the fuck dopplepost

im not good with computers

Where the hell are those car models from?

Dude great scene build, could use a good lightning edit & it will be perfect

I thought first that the guy on left was a streetlamp.

It’s great.

Shouldn’t it be “Fleeing from…”? ;D

Very nice scenebuild nonetheless. Didn’t believe you when you told me it was a scenebuild.

Yes, I am quite aware, but it won’t let me change it. :v:

hahah ur so fucked

wish I could do this shit

Nice done!

Awesome scenebuild zera. Lighting and angle are boss too.

Now it isn’t dead. Who would have guessed eh Zaxy babe?

Great scenebuild!

It’s hard to see much, because its so dark. but its a neat scenebuild.


Are those building models from L4D?

impressive work!

where do all these terrain models come from?