Fleet Commander Awarding Admiral A Medel


  • I’ve been really getting into spacey stuff lately, part of a big project I’m currently working on. Expect to see more.



I really like it, but I think there could be more like, people around, a bigger event.

The shoulders, you ought to pose them

I did pose the shoulders, though they are already fucked. As well as most of the ragdolls to begin with. Most of them hit an invisible wall when i tried to make them salute like that. Never got even close to the forehead

People don’t bend their legs like that.

Not really standing at attention… Also, salute =/= wiping forehead of sweat.

It’s okay.

They look like there constipated


Different countries and services salute differently, who knew

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The arm behind his back and bent knees don’t fall under ‘different salute’ though.