"Flesh Against Silicon" a machine war party encounters the humans feeble resistance

-After the great Cataclysm, many people huddled in small disgustingly fleshy pockets.
-They surrendered their technology in a paranoid attempt to prevent us from killing them.
-Instead they fashioned weapons of bone from their fallen comrades and rode filthy fleshy quadropeds.
-We were much simple in those days. We did not know the complexities of the human mind, and thus did not know to harvest them instead of destroying them…
-It is good that we have gained this knowledge.



Due to complaints, now you can admire the gorey hole in his chest without the horse bum sticking in your face.


blocky horse ass ruined it.

All the effects are top class, but, what Kari said…

I knw, but I haz no other horse models… then again, I haven’t looked at any more…


where do you get the horse model?

Kalthars model pack… same with the base part of those mechs.

Edit seems better.

cant find that model pack, could you give me a link?