Flesh into Gear


Here’s my ‘surrealist bollocks’ for the year.


And you were doing so well. Look like we’ll have to move forward with your treatment plan.


I really resent this comparison. Faraon and I have very distinct styles and both made images about very different things for very different personal reasons. If you compare anything that Faraon and I have done then you can easily tell which is which. Faraon had a very scatalogical focus and a lot of Russian culture mixed into his images and his nonsensical ones were usually a massive experiment in Photoshop that incorporated his humor and things he liked, whereas when I make stuff like this I go out with the express purpose of making this. I don’t get why I get compared to Faraon when my skills are objectively worse than his anyway. He has a much better sense of photoshop and hand-drawing than me, whereas I tend to combine filters and textures along with very, very light hand-painting and adjustment to fit what I want to convey.

And just to clarify, I’m not trying to be overly deep or profound or say anything here. I just wanted to make a spooky image because it’s October. Might have retreated towards my old fashion of empty eyes and mouths, but there’s a pretty good reason for that. (I find it spooky.) The title is “Flesh into Gear” because I was listening to CKY when I edited it. It’s purely meant to be aesthetic and there’s no secret, hidden meaning I’m praying someone will unlock here. It is a rotting, ‘blasted’ spooky humanoid with an angry, hollow face.