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Weighed Down
Seasoned Frontal (self explanatory variant of Seasoned)

It’d been made a point that I should try and leave my comfort zone in posing and typical ideas in favour of trying something new and exploring different themes, so I decided to do so the past couple days by trying out some new ideas I’d been fond of lately (body photography), not necessarily aesthetically (lord knows I’ve overdone Black and White) but more in subject matter. I feel in making these I enjoyed myself a lot more and felt a lot more excited posing than I usually do, so I’m hoping this shows.

Feel free to comment what you think, perhaps lend some tips. I really want to improve where I can and generally know what you think.

Absolutely stunning as always man, I really like the Yakuza tattoo one

Thank you man, oddly that one took a little longer than the others purely because of the tricky angle.

Really loving the detail on a lot of em, awesome set!

these are awesome man holy shit

I like it, very unique.

If you had shown me the 4th one without context, I think I may have thought it to be a real image

The initial goal of these was realism so this is fantastic to hear, thank you.

This is phenomenal, I love it.

Beautiful lighting, posing, well the whole piece is awesome. Keep it up, mate!

These are fantastic, definitely did not expect this when clicking the title… first time I’ve seen something like this made in Source, awesome job! What models did you use? They look incredibly detailed

Thank you! Funnily enough, just a selection of different nude models. The Witcher ones in particular are seriously detailed. I’ll link them here but be warned that they are NSFW.

Yea, this is pretty unique when compared to what gets posted here. Great work.

oh i swore this was going to be some necromorph shit oh thank god

anyways, really good fucking work m8