Fleshy monster pulls his victim under a door

First try at a scary pic.



fleshy? I thought we were going thing!

Whatever, it’s more like a flesh monster less of a thing.

Dun’ make me call out mr. doggie

No god, no please no. No! No! Nooooooooooooooooo


Oh wow I just realized the major shadow fail.

So, you watched The Mist recently?

That’s what everyone keeps saying.

No I have not watched The Mist.


Nor do I plan to because I’m an extreme pussy.

Its not really scary.
In the end you thought I was going to spoil the movie didn’t you?

And nice pic btw.

I was hoping for:

And then the monsters all died and the mist disappeared and everyone lived happily ever after.

Out of The Mist ain’t it?


scary someones gonna get pwnt.

You should really watch the mist, you’de find it looks a lot like a scene in it.

Yes. Very mist-ish. c:
Nice pic anyways, don’t really know what to comment :v:
Dark edges I guess, unless someone is using a flashlight :v:

Here’s the original incase anyone wanted to see.


Here’s an unused angle:


Lol nice, but it needs more mist

Not scary, funny! Plus +1 funny.

how did you make the “fleshy” rope?

Ancient Chinese secret.

The things you can make out of fleshy material’ed things :smiley: I like it, and as everyone else says, it reminds me of the one scene from “The Mist”