Flex sliders dont work even with bloocobalt's fixed files

After trying bloocobalt’s fixed citizen files the flex sliders still dont work please someone help me solve this issue.

I’m a mass worker for the project, here’s some parts of the qc and the attached facial business:

$modelname “Crysishacks\CrysisMale09.mdl”
$model “CrysisMale09” “CrysisMale09.smd” {
$include “standardflex_xsi_09.qci”
$cdmaterials “models\Crysishacks”

there’s the dirs of the qc

standardflex_xsi_0* were used

containing lines following this one:

flexfile “male_09_right_lid_raiser.vta”
flex “right_lid_raiser” frame 10
flexcontroller “phoneme” “right_lid_raiser” “range” 0 1
%right_lid_raiser = right_lid_raiser

no compiler errors were present.

Why don’t you just ask him.

already did