Flexes already defined when compiling an animated prop

Hi !

I’m working on a simple microwave model, this is my first animated model for Source.
So I did a simple model and animation in Blender and export it.
I used the blender addon for Source and generate the qc segments with it but i get an error when compiling :

Here is my QC file :

$modelname		"props/realistic_microwave.mdl"
$body mybody	"realistic_microwave.smd"
$surfaceprop	"combine_metal"
$cdmaterials	"models/realistic_microwave/"
$scale			1

$sequence idle	"idle.smd" loop fps 1
$sequence ragdoll "realistic_microwave_collision.smd"

$collisionjoints "realistic_microwave_collision.smd" { 

       "base"  "Metal.Medium"

$model "merge_me" microwave.smd {
	vcafile OpenDoor.vta
	vcafile CloseDoor.vta

// vertex animation block begins
$upaxis Y

$boneflexdriver "vcabone_OpenDoor" tx "OpenDoor" 0 1
$boneflexdriver "vcabone_OpenDoor" ty "multi_OpenDoor" 0 1
$sequence "OpenDoor" "vcaanim_OpenDoor.smd" fps 24.0

$boneflexdriver "vcabone_CloseDoor" tx "CloseDoor" 0 1
$boneflexdriver "vcabone_CloseDoor" ty "multi_CloseDoor" 0 1
$sequence "CloseDoor" "vcaanim_CloseDoor.smd" fps 24.0

// vertex animation block ends

I’m not really used to that, I know how to export a single mode, but it’s the fird time I do it an animated one.
Any idea why it doesn’t work ?
Thanks a lot for you help.