Flickering displacements? (using subdivision)

So i’m playing around with making a forest like map surrounded by a mountainside, river flowing through yadda yadda. Anyways my displacements appear to be flickering. I compiled both on full and fast but to no effect.



Any ideas?

If they are in the power of 4, that could cause some weird problems like what you’re having. Try lowering the power to 3 in that case, and split the actual blocks in smaller pieces and sew them together instead.

Flickering often appears on textures intended for use on models. Make sure the cliff texture you’re using is marked as “LightmappedGeneric” in its vmt file.

HGrunt is right, this is because the shader is wrong. Normally also when you use the flashlight it would switch between dark and light. LightmappedGeneric is the right one

That did it, thanks!