Flight of The Valkyries

https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/33592701/40K WIP 4.jpg

**1920x1080 Version

https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/33592701/40K WIP.jpg

Comments and criticism are appreciated.

Looks awesome yo, only disappointment is that you didn’t include the mandatory song.

there was no need to crop out the leftmost guardsman and it seems you didn’t follow my advice regarding the Valkyries either

not a bad shot overall tho

To be honest, I was expecting a vietnam war image, not Imperial Guards.

Still, nice shot though.

wow Imperial Guardsmen with good heads and textures, nice!

Why you no headroom?! xD
Always leave space above characters so they don’t look like they are hitting the ceiling. Rule of Thirds mate.

valkyries look really out of place depth/motionwise.

I’m surprise the city looks intact with the invaders being the orks

Needs more dakka.

there should be an empty crater with nothing but broken underground water and power lines sticking out of the dirt

the Orks looted the city and fashioned all the buildings with wheels and painted them red

It could be better if Valkyrie’s have a bodygroup that closes landing gear. I don’t know how they supposed to look but front and rear legs looks disturbing to me. When i close upper half of the picture with my arm it feels better for me. Other than that, awesome work.