Flight Simulator X into Gmod

this maybe a really stupid question but is it even remotely possible to take Flight Sim X’s .mdl files and put them into garrysmod format (.vtx i think)

Most likely, yes. However, it won’t be a simple “drag and drop” scenario.

Your best bet is to find an editor that has plugins for both .smd (the Valve format) and Flight Sim X. Then import it, reexport it, and then follow any of dozens of tutorials on how to compile a model.

You might run into some search issues, though. GMod also uses .mdl for it’s model files, but it’s extremely unlikely that they are compatible formats. So a search for “.mdl importer” will probably give you many false results, because .mdl is a common extension for models (in addition to every Source game and Flight Sim X, I believe Warcraft 3 uses it).

PS: It’s considered very bad form to tell people that you “dont give a fuck what [they] think” when you’re asking them for help.

GMod also uses .mdl for it’s model files, but it’s extremely unlikely that they are compatible formats.

what do you mean compatible formats, I thought all .mdl files were basically the same. If im wrong in saying that than is it possible to just use plugins as you mentioned before to re-compile the files?

CS101: The file extension is not always a reliable indicator of the file’s content.

Let me put it this way. You’re coding a game engine, you’ve come up with the best format to put the model files, but you need an extension for it. Your first thought might be “.model”, but that seems a bit long to type over and over. So you shorten it, get “.mdl”. Sure, other engines have used it, but why would that bother you? It’s not like most people will be directly looking at the files.

So no, they are (99% sure of this) not compatible. So your best bet is to find an importer for your editor of choice, then export again as .smd.

ok I’ll try that tonight and tell you what I get, also will .dds textures work with Gmod or will I have to convert those also

They will need to be converted to .vtfs.

ok ill prob need another plugin right?

Best program is VTFEdit. It can batch convert folders, and can autogenerate .vmts as well.

so I will be able to convert the FSX .dds files to .vmt’s with VTFedit right?

You convert them to .vtfs and you need to write .vmts

You need a flight sim x .mdl importer for some modeling program, then you need to export it as .smd, write a .qc and compile it as a source model.

VFTs and yes it should be able to do that. You’ll have to make the VMTs yourself though (as the auto ones from VTFEdit will be the wrong shader).

do you mean make a vmt as in draw a new texture? also I’m still searching for a damn modeling program that can import FSX .mdl files and export .smd’s

Source is a bit weird about textures. It basically uses two different files. There’s the .VMT, which is essentially a text file, telling the game which texture to use for the diffuse map, normal map, phong map, etc. as well as defining certain properties like specularity and whatnot. The .VMT contains at least one reference to a .VTF, which contains the actual image.

This program seems to have some kind of Flight Sim model format listed but from what you’ve said I don’t think its the FSX one (maybe worth a look though).

Also good explination there gman nice and clear ^^

i did see that Flight Sim format on the list but its listed as .Dat not .Mdl which is what the main aircraft model extension is. Im gonna try it though

okay i just tried that program and it dosen’t recognize the file, .dat must be pre-fs2004


alright i did some reading and it turns out that you cannot decompile and recompile an FSX aircraft model without the source code for the model or starting one from scratch (which im not gonna even attempt). So this whole idea is pretty much impossible unless i create the model.