flight simulator X models

im getting the models, textures and sounds(planes)(ya also models from the update package) out of the game.but i need someone to get them in gmod, please

ill post all models i get on first post:
the uploading took longer than i expected but here they are:







this are all models could get. now someone can get them into gmod(all models together are more than 500 mb)

Great work. Will be real useful for posing, and for hoffa and his neroplanes!

i updated the first post^^

You should add pics of the models in the 1st post.

ill do that when i have time im uploading the other models right now(could take a long time…)

ok im getting the photos on right now. all models are downloadable right now^^


got some pictures on. im getting more on tomorow…

the problem is, they are very very high poly. I tried once to get them into gmod. They were too high poly.

i dont know annything about modeling, but cant u lower the polys?

If i remember hearing others talk about it, lowering the poly count is an involved process. Though if you got an SR20 model I’d be pretty excited.

It is possible but it’s real pain in ass to do it.


I was going to do this at one stage, but stopped after I couldn’t find a way to import the models into 3dsmax.

wow, looks awesome.